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If you're applying to allopathic medical schools soon, be sure to take some time to read about the AAMC's new PREview test. This is a test you'll need to take in addition to the CASPer, if any of the schools on your list require it. They will be releasing the list of schools by the end of February. Registration is not open yet.

Online CASPer, PREview (which was just called SJT the last two years) is a multiple choice exam. Here is a link to their sample.

Important details for the 2022-23 application cycle

  • There will be a $100 flat fee, which includes unlimited score distribution.

  • The flat fee will be waived for applicants who apply and are approved to receive benefits through the AAMC Fee Assistance Program.

  • The AAMC will provide free test preparation products, including a full-length practice exam.

  • Applicants will register for an exam date and complete the exam online at a location of their choosing (e.g. at home, a library, etc.) from June through September.

  • The exam takes approximately 75 minutes to complete and will be secured by a live remote human proctor.

  • Applicants will receive their PREview scores within 30 days of testing.

  • The list of participating schools for the 2023 cycle will be posted on the PREview website in February.

5 Things Every Applicant Should Know (per the AAMC)


Contact the AAMC PREview Program

Monday—Friday 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. ET Closed Wednesday 3–5 p.m. ET

2021 AAMC SJT Examinee Preparation Guide_0
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