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Next month, I have the Vice Dean of Admissions from Sydney Kimmel Medical College in Philadelphia coming for an informal chat with me about their school and the admissions process. Hearing directly from admissions folks is an invaluable experience, as they often will share tidbits of what they are looking for at their school and give you a better understanding of the schools' culture and curriculum, which is so helpful when writing secondaries.

Also, face time is priceless. My hope is that you would come to this, put your full name on your Zoom profile, leave your camera on, bring a couple really good questions specific to their school, and leave a positive impression (if you are a current applicant waiting to hear back). If you just applying now, you can reference what you learned from this talk in your secondary, which shows a connection. It shows you took the time to learn more about their school.

This is of course free and open to anyone who wants to attend. The more the merrier! The link to RSVP is down below.

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