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Spring Break Pre-Med Bootcamp

If you didn't register for my AppPrep Seminar (happening now) and you plan to start your app a little later (not ideal, but it happens), I am offering a week-long Virtual Bootcamp to get everyone up to speed on applying.

Here is a breakdown of what we'll cover over the five hours:


  • Personal Statement Writing (20 Min)

  • Experience Descriptions and Meaningful Experiences Writing (30 Min)

  • Impactful Experience Writing (10 Min)


  • Casper & Preview Overview


  • Creating Your School List


  • Following up With Letter Writers

  • Communicating with Schools

  • Getting Organized for Secondaries


  • AMCAS Walk Through

This is a LIVE event where participants can ask questions.

Each day will be recorded and emailed out to those who are registered.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at

$59.99 for the entire week.

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