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Academic Recovery

It happens. People have bad grades in science classes. That doesn't mean anything about long as you ultimately prove that you can handle the rigor of a graduate level science program. How do you overcome a low grade? Well, that depends...

If you have a C- or below in any of the science pre-reqs, I would argue that repeating them at a CC for the purpose of meeting the requirements is fine. Those lower division science courses don't prove you can handle medical school. What most med schools are going to look at are the last two years of your college education, where you took upper division science courses.

If you happened to have received a C-or below during the last two years of your college education in an upper div science course, then you may need to do some academic recovery.

Academic recovery comes in the form of:

  • Staying a 5th year

  • Doing a DIY post-bac

  • Completing a formal post-bac

  • Completing a science-based masters degree

The goal is to show at least a year of science heavy courses completely blemish free. The more drastic that upward trend is, the less impact those early low grades will have.

If you're talking just one or two C's early on, then this can be easily recovered by doing well your last year of school. If you have major blemishes (multiple Cs, Ds and Fs over a longer period of time), then unfortunately, you may need a longer recovery time (aka more classes, more As).

There are two things you're managing with classes and grades:

  1. The literal requirements. If you don't meet the requirements, you have to repeat. Sometimes you take more classes to raise your GPA.

  2. The impressions screeners have of you. Simply repeating lower div classes is creating the impression that you passed the bare minimum. If you take more upper div science classes, you are creating the impression that you can handle the rigor of medical, PA or dental school.

Both of these are important.

If you are struggling with this, reach out. Everyone's path to their profession looks different. I can help you create a tailored plan based on your unique needs.

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