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End of the Year Reflection

As we close out 2023, I have been reflecting on what a successful and exciting year this has been. From my annual Applicant Retreat and Applicant Trivia Night in January to the Med School Tour in April to the conferences in October, I have had such a fulfilling year meeting with so many amazing applicants from the 2023-24 season. All of the hours we spent together are paying off, as almost everyone has multiple interviews at this point. I'm so proud of all of you!

2023 was an exciting year, but I'm equally as excited as I enter the next application season. I am already up to 25 applicants for the next cycle, and I've already begun meeting with several to draft personal statements. If you are applying this upcoming cycle and have not made your first appointment with me to start your personal statement, please do that asap. I really prefer to start no later than January. I can tell based on those I've met that this is going to be another very successful season!

I highly recommend that everyone who is working with me register for my 10 week seminar that starts on January 8th. There is a lot of information I need to teach you, and it makes way more sense for me to tell all of you at once through a class than to repeat myself 50 times in individual sessions. Plus, because the class cost breaks down to $10 per session, it makes more sense for you to be taught at that price than to use our valuable advising time learning the ins and outs of the process. All of these sessions are recorded and sent out weekly, so please get signed up before the first date to get access to this information. And block your calendars so that you can attend live when you can and ask all of your questions.

Because so many of my 23-24 applicants have been so successful, I'm excited to showcase some of them in my annual Successful Applicant Retreat in February. This free event will include 5 of my current advisees, who will share their experiences applying and offer tips to help those about to enter the process. I have a Reapplicant Panel happening in March for those who are reapplicants.

Some of you may have registered or saw the Upcoming Applicant Retreat I scheduled for January 20th. I unfortunately wasn't thinking when I set this date and scheduled it a little too late for my own liking. This would be good for anyone who doesn't want the class and hasn't met with me yet. I'm going to run through the application process in two hours (like an orientation). It's only $20, so if you want a bunch of info quickly, this would be worth it. You'll have a very good understanding of what to expect along each step of the process, and I'll give you some specific tips to get started on your personal statement and experience writing.

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