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Keep up the momentum!

It's that time of year when you can almost see the finish line with secondaries, and yet there is still so much to do. The questions are all starting to blur together, and you feel like you cannot write "Culturally Appropriate Care" one.more.time. I get it. Imagine having to read all of these! :)

You ARE almost to the finish line, but just like a race, the last stretch is the most important. If you ease up now and start to fill your writing with stuff and fluff, stop critically analyzing the questions, and you just copy and paste without tying it to schools, you will be like the thousands of other applicants out there who feel the same way. But you are different! You have me telling you NO! Do not succumb to being basic like everyone else. You are better than that. You can suffer through four more weeks of writing so that you can have a really strong application. You WANT to stand out in this process, and you will if you keep pushing. You have a chance at every single school you apply to, so don't sacrifice that chance just because you're tired and just over this process.

Go deep within you and pull out that grit! Fight for this. I know you want this more than anything. All things pass, and this too will be over soon enough.

I love you all. I am so blessed to be with you on this journey. Write those secondaries well so that we can celebrate in a few months!

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1 Comment

Safa Jamil
Safa Jamil
Aug 02, 2021

Wow, this hit the spot. I really needed to hear this! Thank you, Joanne!

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