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Personal Statement Structure

Whether your personal statement is four or five paragraphs, I don't know that it matters much, but I will continue to argue that every paragraph needs to have ONE main point. The point should extend beyond the fact that you want to be a doctor/dentist/PA. Of course, that is at the heart of all of this, but you can make the point of HOW you want to practice and HOW you got to that understanding, and not simply THAT you want to practice.

Here is a short video I made about the structure of this very short writing.

I also feel strongly that your personal statement should not be about your college experience with bad grades or your struggle. You should use this space to highlight the value that you bring to healthcare. There are thousands of people who want the same thing you want. You aren't going to be picked by highlighting how hard college was for you. You are going to be picked because you bring some insight or perspective that is needed at that table. Think about why you need a seat at that table, and tell them why...explicitly.

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