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Secondary Writing Retreats

For those who haven't written secondaries before, you don't know yet know why this type of support is valuable, but from the years I've helped people complete their applications, I've found that people really struggle to get their secondaries completed. I had this idea last year after spending an evening working one-on-one with a student who was struggling. We sat together for about four hours and wrote, her asking questions as she went and me giving her feedback on ideas in live time. She was extremely productive, submitting multiple secondaries that one night.

I planned a summer trip to California to be able to offer this type of service to others. I'll be visiting four universities, but you do not need to be a student at these universities to participate. They are open to anyone (I know the UCLA says otherwise...but it's my event so I don't think they will say anything).

If you can plan ahead, take the days off and attend, I think you'll appreciate this in July when you are in over your heads with writing. The one in June is to pre-write or for those wanting to get their DO applications done early.

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