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April Check In

With CASPA, AADSAS, AMCAS and AACOMAS opening soon, I wanted to check in to make sure the following things have been completed (if required).

Check Casper to see if any schools you want to apply to are on there and register if so. You don't have to add all your schools in when you schedule. You can add more later. For med school applicants, same with Preview.

Your letters should be requested by this point. If you need to do that still, please send those emails. If you're asked to write your own letter, please let me know during one of our advising sessions. Here's a blog post on LOR:

Several people I'm working with are completely done with the personal statement. Those folks should be pre-writing secondaries. If you're not done, please continue meeting with me consistently so we can get it done! Be sure to join me for my Secondaries Bootcamp in April if you're ready to begin pre-writing.

For your experiences, I highly recommend booking an editing session so that I can work through them at my own pace. Don't forget to add your character count at the end of each 600/700 character description so I know how much I need to cut!

Lastly, you don't need your school list done until June technically, but if you have extra time, you should begin filling in your excel sheet with the information we've discussed for writing secondaries. Check out this blog on Creating Your School List:

Be sure to sign up for my AMCAS Bootcamp so we can go through your questions once you've opened your application.

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