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How to benefit from attending a conference

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Attending a conference and connecting with health profession school admissions folks is a very strategic way to 1. learn more about a school before adding it to your list 2. Put your name in front of their face 3. Have a justification for reaching out later (to thank them). When you are in the application process, you want to attend as many events as possible where admissions folks will be. This should be part of your strategy.

Go into a room prepared with good questions. Look professional. Leave your camera on and engage with them. Make a connection. Take their name. Then email them after your app is complete, thanking them for the conversation and let them know your app is complete. Be sure to include your application ID # to make it easy for them to look you up!

When you write the secondary for their school, reference the conversation and their specific name. Talk about what you learned about the school. I am going to post a video soon about asking good questions.

Please take time to go into the Fair and connect.

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