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Secondaries Bootcamps

Several of my applicants this season are ready to begin writing secondaries, which is super exciting to me. If that's not quite you yet, don't feel bad. Just keep working to get your personal statement and experience writing done so that you can begin to pre-write.

In one month, I'm going to officially kick off Secondary Season with my first Secondaries Bootcamp on April 7th. I'll host Bootcamps in May, June and July as well. In each Bootcamp, I'll explore new questions, breaking down what they're looking for and showing successful answers. The first Bootcamp is now live on my site, but keep an eye out for future Bootcamps to be posted.

These are a very efficient way for you to understand how to approach secondaries. During these one hour sessions, I will go into a lot of detail, giving out more information than I could during a single half an hour session. Each Bootcamp will be recorded and emailed out to those who are registered. You can register on the link below.

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